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Incentive audits from SGS – ensure the success of your incentive measures with an independent audit.

Highway in the dark

In auto sales, rebates, sales awards and other offers are essential incentives for car buyers. Our incentive audits help you evaluate the results of discount campaigns and award programs. We examine your additional expenditure on sales campaigns and implemented rebate directives and, as a result, prevent inefficiency, irregularities and abuse.

Why choose incentive audits from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Gain an independent investigation of your awards and rebate schemes
  • Prove that your incentives programs benefit your business
  • Improve the structure of your awards system
  • Identify dealers who threaten your brand and act accordingly
  • Reduce costs and prevent abuse
  • Clarify your incentive programs to dealers
  • Improve your control options

Trusted incentive audits from Germany’s leading provider

As a world-leading provider of certification, inspection, testing and verification, we offer you unrivaled expertise in incentive audits. We provide you with a wealth of experience in the automobile industry, conducting a broad range of audits, including guarantee audits, mystery audits and standard audits for the supervision or assessment of new dealers.

To find out more about our incentive audits, contact us today.