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Data and communications security for the energy sector – learn how to comply with IEC 62351 and protect against cyber attacks in the energy sector.

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This one day seminar offers an overview of IT security risks in the energy sector and countermeasures to protect against them, as addressed in IEC 62351.

Why choose data and communications security for the energy sector training from SGS?

This seminar will help you to protect your assets by showing you how to identify security risks and the threats that they pose to your business. You wll learn how to ensure that your data and communications remain secure as they become enmeshed in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)/smart factories. You will gain a competive advantage by being able to assure your customers that security measures have been applied in order to counter cyber attacks.

Upon taking this course, you will understand:

  • The basics of IT security according to IEC 62351 for the energy sector and how IEC 62351 relates to other standards
  • The security risks associated with the energy sector
  • How to implement essential security requirements
  • The five steps of the security process

This course is aimed at managers, engineers and anyone responsible for implementing IT security in the energy sector. It is given in German and can be given in English on request.

Trusted IT security training from a leading course provider

As a world leading training provider, we draw on years of global experience. Our courses are delivered by experts and experienced trainers.

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