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Understand SOTIF and ISO/PAS 21448 recommendations with training courses from SGS.

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The safety of road vehicles is paramount. With the increase in new and complex functions, for example those required for autonomous driving, the additional risks must be considered.

SOTIF represents the logical supplement to Functional Safety (which is addressed by the ISO 26262 series). Functional Safety and SOTIF are distinct and complementary aspects of safety. ISO/PAS 21448 is an international guideline that provides structured recommendations on SOTIF. Especially with regard to the introduction of autonomous driving in several stages, ISO/PAS 21448 is a valuable orientation aid for responsible process-related and technical implementation of the new challenges.

SOTIF Training Course from SGS

We offer SOTIF support, consultancy and training, providing in-depth experience in Functional Safety and participation in research projects on autonomous driving.

Our SOTIF ISO/PAS 21448 training courses include:

  • SOTIF – ISO/PAS 21448 Overview Training Course
  • ISO/PAS 21448 – SOTIF Functional Safety Extension Training Course

To discuss your SOTIF requirements contact us today.