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Gas/oil ratios, shrinkage and compositional data all provide you with crucial information about your well or reservoir.

Oil Rig

Having this information available on-site, when you need it, supports your operations, saving you time and money. SGS performs field based compositional analyses using our SGS GC-GOR™ technology and specialized Agilent 7890 Gas Chromatograph system. This innovative system is designed for extended gas and liquid analyses in remote field locations. Using this technology we deliver compositional data you can rely on, based on multiple flash measurements on ultra-small volume samples. The SGS GC-GOR™ system can be used in the field alone, or as part of of an SGS FluidPro PAL™ mobile laboratory.

Benefits of the SGS GC-GOR™ system

The SGS GC-GOR™ system has a number of key features that enable us to provide high quality laboratory analysis data in remote field locations. The electronic temperature control, multiple flash and sample measurements, along with the small sample volumes required allow for repeatable, accurate results, using a process that is easy to perform manually. Through this system we are able to reduce your hydrocarbon inventory using on-site methods, minimizing your sample transport costs and delivering your results in the optimal report turnaround time.

GC-GOR™ Capabilities

  • Gas/Oil Ratio (GOR)
  • Gas/Water Ratio (GWR)
  • Condensate/Gas Ratio (CGR) measurements
  • Oil or brine shrinkage factor with live sample density
  • Full Reservoir Fluids Compositional Analysis
  • Oil-based Mud (OBM) Contamination Sample Charge Specifications
  • Sample Volume Requirement: 10 ml

Range of Applications

  • PVT studies
    • Bottom-hole samples
  • Separator optimization
    • Wellhead samples
    • Separator samples
  • Production allocation
  • Pipeline samples

Gas Composition by GC

  • Extended gas compositions to C14 by Gas Chromatography (GPA 2286)
  • Increased accuracy using second natural gas analysis (GPA 2261)
  • Quantification of N2, O2, CO2, H2S, He, Ar

Black Oil, Volatile Oil & Condensate Liquid Properties by GC

  • Oil n-Paraffin distribution to C36+ by capillary chromatography (GPA 2186)
  • OBM contamination by skimming & subtraction

Services SGS Performs Alongside

  • Average Molecular weight by freezing point depression
  • Multi-temperature density/viscosity (ASTM D 7042)
  • Karl Fisher water content (ASTM D 4928)
  • Radon in gas
  • Mercury in gas (ASTM D 6350)
  • Customizable Dräger gas analysis kit
  • Customizable HACH water analysis kit

Find out how the SGS GC-GOR™ system can provide you with cutting-edge PVT testing capabilities, separator optimization and production allocation onsite and on demand, contact us now.