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Plant protection products, pest control products and pesticides – more than 1,000 different substances are used in agriculture all over the world to keep crops like fruits and vegetables healthy and to prevent their destruction by disease and pest infestation. In order to protect the environment and the consumer, the approval of pesticides for use and their application are subject to strict regulation. Producers, manufacturers and vendors regularly inspect their raw materials and finished products to ensure that they meet the requirements and to detect any problematic pesticide residue in food products and animal feed.

Residue analyses in this field, however, require more than just scientific expertise. It is also necessary to know and understand the applicable laws and conditions, rules of application and threshold values – especially since they are continuously changing.

The SGS Group Germany offers help as an expert in residue analysis and in the legal assessment of plant protection product residues and pesticides. A number of different methods are available for such analyses from the ASU L 00.00-115 multi-method to the ASU L 00.00-34 multi-method to the following individual and group methods:

  • dithiocarbamate – fruits and vegetables
  • inorganic total bromide – grains, vegetables, dried fruits, nuts
  • chlormequat / mepiquat – grains (wheat, oats), fruits (pears), mushrooms
  • dithiocarbamate – fruits and vegetables
  • ethephon – fruit (especially pineapple), grains
  • glyphosate/AMPA – grains/legumes, tea
  • maleic hydrazide – potatoes, onions
  • pentachlorophenol – tea, herbal tea and fruit tea
  • PCB (not WHO) – animal products, vegetable oils and fats
  • phosphine – grains, animal feed, dry fruits, nuts
  • acidic herbicides – grains and legumes, herbs, fruits
  • toxaphene – animal fats, fish, cotton
  • dodin – apricots, stone fruits, peaches
  • Fosetyl-Al – fruits, vegetable, herbal tea

Do you need help with your pesticide analysis? Do you have products that require testing for pesticide residue? The experts and laboratories at SGS Group Germany can help you comply with legal regulations for food products and animal feed starting from the lab analyses through to the risk evaluation.

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