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SGS is one of the world’s most trusted experts for independent biopharmaceutical analysis.

Life Science lab

Clients using our antibody characterization services benefit from our vast experience gained from analyzing hundreds of biotechnology products. Whether you need antibody analysis to support drug discovery or the drug manufacturing process, to help reduce time to market, we offer tailor-made solutions based on your particular business requirements. Our services can comprise an individual analysis or a comprehensive package that includes:

  • Amino acid sequence analysis 
  • Amino acid composition analysis and determination of extinction coefficient
  • N-terminal and C-terminal amino acid sequencing
  • Peptide mass mapping
  • Disulfide bridge analysis
  • A range of carbohydrate structure analyses
  • Determination of intact molecular weight
  • Electrophoretic and isoform patterns
  • Liquid chromatographic patterns
  • Identification of post-translational modifications
  • Spectroscopic profiling
  • Identification of product-related impurities, including degradation products
  • Protein aggregation assessment 
  • NMR
  • Immuno and cell-based assays

SGS’s antibody sequencing and analysis is carried out to the high standards demanded by our global quality assurance network and the requirements of FDA and ICH guidelines. Contact us today to discuss how you can draw on our international expertise for your antibody analysis needs.