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Life science companies across the globe rely on SGS for peptide mass fingerprinting.

Life Science lab

Our Peptide Mapping Services by mass spectrometry help our clients to comply with ICH Q6B guidelines in support of marketing applications.

Peptide mapping can be used in drug discovery and throughout the manufacturing process for quality control between batches to produce a unique ‘fingerprint’ of an individual protein and to compare this with the theoretical gene-derived amino acid sequence.

Our experts were involved in developing peptide mapping using fast atom bombardment MS (FAB-MS) in the 1980s. As such, their knowledge and skills are second to none. The protein identification processes they use include:

  • Fragmenting the protein molecule using specific enzymatic or chemical methods
  • Analyzing the resulting peptide mixture using online LC-MS

One of the most important tools available in protein analysis, peptide mapping can also be used in:

  • Disulfide bridge assignment 
  • N-terminal and C-terminal sequence confirmation (along with MS/MS sequencing)
  • Screening and identification of sites of post-translational modification such as glycosylation or phosphorylation
  • Guiding the choice of signals for subsequent MS/MS or gas phase sequence analysis

We work internationally with a wide range of life science businesses, including the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. As such, we are the perfect partner to provide your business with a protein fingerprinting solution.

Contact SGS today to discover more about how we can help with your (glyco)protein analysis.