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The determination of C-terminal microheterogeneity is crucial to guarantee a high-quality biopharmaceutical product – and to ensure the integrity of your brand.

Life Science lab

SGS C-terminal Sequencing experts can identify the intact C-terminus of your product and where post-translational modification has produced truncated versions or “ragged ends”.

Because there is no standard approach to confirming the C-terminal sequence, our clients rely heavily on our expertise in selecting a cutting-edge approach to C-terminal Protein Sequencing. We base our choice of method on our past experience and factors such as:

  • Protein or peptide size
  • Glycosylation state
  • The theoretical C-terminal amino acid sequence

Confirmation of C-terminal sequence can usually be achieved using a combination of the following:

  • Peptide mapping
  • ES-MS/MS sequencing
  • Enzymatic digestions
  • Molecular weight analysis

Your particular needs are important to us, and we shape our service according to your business requirements. With SGS you can be sure that your analysis will meet ICH Q6B guidelines to support new marketing applications.

Contact us to find out how our C-terminal Identification Services can help reduce the time it takes to get your product to market.