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Technical examinations, inspections and monitoring improve and ensure the quality and performance of your transport equipment.

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Transport equipment must comply with various regulations including the relevant legislation, and voluntary or customer-specific requirements. As your testing, inspection and monitoring partner, we ensure that you meet all these standards. The inspection and monitoring of quality specifications of load carriers, new and used, can also extend their product life. This has a positive impact on the operational safety of all carriers within the transport chain. 

If you distribute, or use, pallets and load carriers on a larger scale, we can support your business and reduce your risk by ensuring that you use only safe, functional and high-quality load carriers for the global movement of goods. That is to say, load carriers that comply with all regulations and your customer specifications.

Our Services

  • Quality control, monitoring and technical inspections of load carriers
  • On-site quality inspections of load carriers on the premises of companies with licensed production and repair
  • Supporting customers controlling their carrier stock in order to meet the respective standards (training courses etc.)
  • Intervention to avoid abuse of trademarks and licenses (market observation)
  • Investigation of damage, e.g. in case of claims (welding defects, blueness, mould effects, etc.)
  • Customer support of the carrier stock control in order to meet respective standards (e.g. standards of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association BGR 234)
  • Inspection of wooden load carriers (dimensions, wood species, wood quality, wood machining, assembly, stability, measuring of wood moisture) and of load carriers made of steel (dimensions, functional measurement, paint finish, material thickness, hardness, welds)
  • Testing of fasteners for load carriers (bending test, control of conformity, drawings and measurement, extract force measuring)
  • Testing of chipboard blocks for load carriers (boiling test, density test, swelling test, transverse tensile strength test, nail extraction tests)

Why Choose Services For Pallets And Transport Equipment From SGS?

Our expertise is reflected in the number and scope of our approvals and references:

  • Approved pallet organization for the licensing and inspection of manufacturer and repairer of EUR load carrier by the International Union of Railways (UIC)
  • Approved institute for the testing of fasteners and chipboard blocks by the International Union of Railways (UIC) and EPAL
  • Authorized pallet organization of the Spanish railway (ADIF)
  • Authorized inspection company of the Austrian railway (RCA) in several countries
  • Many years of international experience in the quality control of returnable transport packaging and load carriers (wooden EUR pallets, EUR steel box pallets, frames and lids) in more than 30 countries
  • Approved testing laboratory for EWPS wheeled pallets by the VDA
  • Authorized inspection company of World Pallet AG

To find out more about our services for pallets and transport equipment, contact us today.