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SGS Hygiene and Environmental Testing Laboratory in Markkleeberg, Germany

Hygiene Testing – To prevent infections and maintain the well-being and vitality of every individual.

Hygiene is a daily challenge in many areas of life, work and production. It protects consumers and patients and maintains the quality of products and services.

With our hygiene services, we support not only hospitals, but also care and nursing homes, pharmacies, doctors' surgeries, cleaning & facility management companies, cosmetic and tattoo studios, public health departments, food manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, air conditioning manufacturers, hotels, universities, research institutes, city councils, sanitary and plumbing companies, and many more.

One of our hygiene expert teams is located in Markkleeberg, Germany. From this center of competence, our specialists offer their clients from various sectors a full service in all aspects of hygiene. This means that they receive sampling, analytics, monitoring and consulting all from a single source and thus fulfill all legal hygiene requirements with just one contact person.

We support you in your drive for a safe living and working environment throughout Germany.

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Hygiene Testing Services at a Glance

SGS HE Laboratory Doing Water Hygiene Testing in Markkleeberg, Germany

Water Hygiene

Microbiological testing of drinking water, process water or surface water.

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SGS HE Laboratory Doing Clinical Hygiene Testing in Markkleeberg, Germany

Clinical Hygiene

Sampling and analysis of healthcare environment surfaces, microbiological testing of treatment processes.

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SGS HE Laboratory Doing Air Hygiene Testing in Markkleeberg, Germany

Air Hygiene

Inspection of air-conditioning systems (HVAC systems), microbiological analysis and determination of chemical pollutants.

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SGS HE Laboratory Doing Production Hygiene Testing in Markkleeberg, Germany

Production Hygiene in the Field of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

Airborne germ and air particle measurements, clean room measurements, bioburden determination and identification of special germs.

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Water Hygiene – a Matter of Fact

Our health and well-being depend on clean water. Drinking water, for example, is one of the most heavily controlled foodstuffs. There are similarly high demands on water-carrying equipment, e.g. in clinics and doctors' surgeries. However, water hygiene also includes the monitoring of industrial water.

Our Services

  • Regular microbiological analyses of "clean" water, such as drinking water (installations), swimming and bathing pool water, medicinal water and mineral, spring and table water
  • Fast and reliable legionella analysis. We examine Legionella species and distinguish the serogroups according to TrinkwV and 42.BImSchV
  • Hygiene testing for water-carrying devices like dialysis machines, ENT and dental units, table water systems and water dispensers
  • Tests on water used for the treatment of medical devices
  • A full-service program for the hygiene monitoring of industrial water in accordance with the 42. BImSchV as well as VDI 2047 or VDI 3679 (sampling, analytics, training)
  • In addition, our expertise is also available for special analyses, such as the examination of process water and screening for multi-resistant germs

Clinical Hygiene – Microbiological Tests for Sensitive Areas

Hospitals and doctors´ surgeries have particularly high hygiene requirements, which are also legally specified. We are your trusted and reliable partner for the implementation of all hygiene regulations in the healthcare sector.

Our aim is to provide you with all relevant hygiene services from a single source. For healthcare facilities, for example, this means that we not only carry out the hygiene and environmental inspection, but also the validation of reprocessing processes and the inspection of the hospital kitchen.

Our Services

  • Microbiological hygiene and environmental testing – hygiene testing of surfaces and hands by swab samples and swabs, detection and identification of specific germs (bacteria, yeasts and molds), detection of antibiotic resistance, inspection of disinfectant dispensing systems and wipe dispensing systems
  • Microbiological testing of reprocessing processes – sterilizers, washer-disinfectors (RDG/RDG-E) for instruments, endoscopes, bedpans etc., single-tank dishwashing machines, multi-tank transport dishwashing machines, baby bottle and ward dishwashing machines, decontamination systems for bedsteads, operating tables, transport trolleys, steam disinfection units, textile washing machines
  • Validation of preparation methods – residual protein determination by Biuret/BCA method and OPA method on endoscopes, instruments, Teflon™ tubes and Crile clamps, validation of steam sterilization and automated cleaning and disinfection methods
  • Special services – inspection of flexible endoscopes, testing of dialysis fluids including the determination of microbiological and chemical parameters and endotoxins according to DIN EN ISO 23500-3 and DIN EN ISO 23500-5

Air Hygiene – the Quality of Indoor Air Has a Major Impact on Our Health

It is known that emissions, such as from furniture, carpets or office equipment, can affect people´s health and well-being. The causative agents are not only chemical substances, but also biological substances such as mold or dust which can trigger symptoms of illness. The functionality of air conditioning systems is often the focus of interest in this context.

The complete inspection of a ventilation and air conditioning system requires a very high level of expertise. Our specialists carry out all the necessary examinations and measurements for the hygienically flawless operation of your ventilation system.

In addition, we check the room air for microbiological and chemical contamination.

Our Services

  • Hygiene inspection of ventilation and air-conditioning systems – including surface sampling, microbiological examination of the humidifier water, comparative air tests with differentiation of molds, dust surface density measurement
  • Inspection of air handling units in healthcare rooms – hospitals, pharmacies, doctors' surgeries) and clean rooms
  • Verification of indoor air quality – microbiological analysis of indoor air including the determination of molds, measurement and determination of chemical pollutants in indoor air (e.g. VOC, PCB, formaldehyde, etc.)

Production Hygiene – in the Field of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

The manufacture and production of medicinal and medical products is subject to very strict regulations. We support you in the seamless hygienic monitoring of the manufacturing process right through to the finished product.

Every product is unique: thanks to our extensive portfolio, together we will find the best solution for your production process and your products!

Our Services

  • Microbiological monitoring in the production area of pharmaceuticals – in pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies
  • Inspection of HVAC systems in clean rooms – airborne germ and airborne particle measurements
  • Microbiological examination of non-sterile products and bioburden determination – including the detection of special germs and their identification

About the Center of Excellence

Our hygiene laboratories are accredited by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) as a test laboratory in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 including Council Directive 93/42/EEC.

The test areas cover all areas of hospital hygiene including sampling, e.g.:

  • Water analysis, including sampling
  • Hospital hygiene, including air conditioning testing
  • Investigation of medical devices
  • Antimicrobial effectiveness test or preservative effectiveness (pharmacopoeia procedure)
  • Endotoxin determination (Pharmacopoeia)

Compliance with the requirements of good manufacturing practice (GMP), which result from the principles and guidelines of good manufacturing practice according to Commission Directive 2003/94/EC and Commission Directive 91/412/EEC.

Quality controls are carried out on human and veterinary medicinal products as well as raw material tests (microbiological tests of non-sterile products in accordance with the pharmacopoeia procedure).

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