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Audits against the Blauer Engel standard, which is endorsed by the federal government of Germany, can provide certification for your paper products and the right to display the eco-label.


The Blauer Engel eco-label is awarded to paper products that meet environmental, health and performance standards. Relevant products are assessed across their entire life cycle so if the standard is achieved, consumers are reassured that they are purchasing only the very best paper products.

Benefits of achieving the Blauer Engel standard

Displaying the eco-label from Blauer Engel on your products strengthens your brand and gives you a competitive advantage by:

  • Improving your “green” credentials
  • Demonstrating your compliance to quality systems
  • Increasing your product’s appeal to suppliers and consumers
  • Differentiating your products from competitors

There are a number of criteria that manufacturers must prove about the wood that they use in order to achieve the label. SGS can assist with the relevant tests on the following products:

  • RAL-UZ 5: hygienic paper
  • RAL-UZ 14a: recycling paper
  • RAL-UZ 35: wallpaper and ingrain wallpaper mainly from recycled paper
  • RAL-UZ 56: recycled cardboard
  • RAL-UZ 65: unbleached filter paper
  • RAL-UZ 72: printing paper mainly from used paper

Why choose SGS?

SGS is an accredited examination service provider for the Blauer Engel. As a world-leader in testing and certification, we have proven experience and a wide range of services that conform to the standard.

Contact us today to find out how your paper products can be tested and certified to achieve the Blauer Engel eco-label.