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Enforcement Devices - Testing Calibration and Verification

Regulators and government authorities need to be sure that taxis are operating in accordance with the local laws. That includes the correct calibration of meters in taxis. As a world leader in testing, calibration and verification, SGS has the facilities and capabilities to ensure your taxis are charging the correct fares and fees.

Fully trained inspectors carry out enforcement device testing, checking for speed, distance and time calibration. We can set up one or more test facilities for you in any geographic location and provide the equipment and expert personnel to ensure that the inspections and tests are carried out accurately and on time.

As we collate the information about your taxi meters, it can be entered into a single, central database. You can use the information to satisfy the enquiries of regulators and for intelligence lead compliance for approved taximeter installers. A fully compliant fleet gives the regulatory authority the comfort that the end user will have a safe, comfortable journey and will be charged a fare which is in accordance with the approved tariff.

At SGS, we have significant experience and expertise in driver and vehicle testing. You benefit from considerable, centralized qualitative information about your drivers and your fleet, levels of compliance and the ability to analyze specific trends.

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