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Vehicle Emission Test Equipment

SGS has the knowledge and experience in evaluating the performance of emissions test instrumentation, emission testing equipment, and inspection procedures. We can provide authorities with data to support and refine their air pollution control system strategies and give test equipment suppliers and manufacturers product improvement recommendations.

Vehicle quality test equipment program expertise

Working in partnership on an SGS client program, SGS developed and operated a comprehensive laboratory-grade testing operation for the evaluation and comparison of various exhaust emissions testing systems and inspection processes (e.g. used vehicle inspection/used car inspection). This included:

  • Transient, loaded mode testing
  • Extraction and analysis of onboard diagnostic (OBD II) information
  • Inspection for tampering (with emission control devices)

SGS has extensive experience in designing and operating a wide range of vehicle test programs and associated services – such as testing the test equipment. We have designed and implemented successful test programs for organizations in different countries across four continents. And thanks to our local knowledge of territories and the legislation affecting them, every program we develop is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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