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Final Production Inspection

At SGS, we know that quality control is of utmost importance throughout the whole automotive supply chain, particularly at points where responsibility changes hands. Our world-class final product inspection examines build quality at the point of handover between manufacturing and logistics to ensure that vehicles are of the highest quality before they are released for distribution.

Drawing on our unparalleled experience of inspecting automotive final production across the globe, our vehicle quality teams carry out a series of quality control tests at your plant. The results of these tests are converted into rich electronic data that can be easily distributed to production facility management and other areas of your business to identify areas for improvement and inform longer-term planning.

As such, our final product inspection helps you:

  • Tackle recurring defects
  • Improve the quality of your product 
  • Protect the integrity of your brand and reputation
  • Protect your products from false transit damage claims

As the world leader in vehicle inspection, we have worked closely with all major vehicle manufacturing companies. Our final production inspections can be shaped to meet your needs, working as one-off inspections or a long-term presence in your production processes.

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