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Harvest Monitoring

SGS offers a range of harvest monitoring services – including harvest measurement – that optimize your operations through yield estimations, harvesting operation monitoring and product tracking.

Wherever your harvesting takes place, our global network ensures that our agronomists and other experts can be on-site to conduct inspections and:

  • Monitor and measure the fields along the fronts of the harvest testing areas
  • Issue daily reports including details of the:
    • harvested area
    • estimated yield of your product(s)
    • destination(s)
  • Track your product(s)

During the delivery of your crop(s) to the first storage/production point(s), we can provide the following services:

  • Confirm receipt of the product(s) 
  • Compare the estimated production output with what has been received
  • Verify possible deviations in product(s)
  • Report on the total receipt of products from the monitored areas

To put your harvesting operations under independent scrutiny and optimize your operations, contact SGS now.

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