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GLP Residue Studies

SGS complies with good laboratory practice (GLP) requirements in residue testing and gives you access to a range of GLP services that ensure your regulatory compliance.

Management of GLP programs

We have extensive in-house experience in the planning and co-ordination of residue programs – including GLP residue testing – as well as contractual agreements with numerous field trial organizations. Our programs involve various application techniques, plus sample shipping and storage, and we can take on complete studies or partial aspects of any project.

In terms of our testing and project management services, we can:

  • Advise you about the relevant testing scope
  • Select the relevant locations in different countries and regions
  • Co-ordinate with the field organizations in those countries and regions
  • Draft test plans and amendments
  • Monitor the critical phases and provide on-site inspections
  • Send you regular reports and a draft final report
  • Prepare draft summaries for the residue dossier

Crop field activity

We can act as your single provider of GLP residue studies, performing a variety of field tests in all the relevant geographical, cultural and climatic conditions. In all scenarios, our international field station network adopts standard operating procedures (SOPs) and delivers harmonized content procedures. 

Process and analytical/laboratory activities

We carry out full, GLP-compliant food processing studies on a range of activities (e.g. wheat to flour and bread, barley and hops to beer, oranges to juice).

Our GLP residue testing and analytics service covers:

  • Method development and validation
  • Independent laboratory validation
  • Analysis of residues in crops (including rotational crops) and processing products, as well as tissues, soil, water and air

For more information on our GLP residue studies and other contract research services, contact SGS now.

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