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GM Biosafety Field Trials

GM biosafety field trials from SGS – an extensive range of field trial services to help you ensure the safety of new genetically modified (GM) traits.

Extended safety testing is required for new genetically modified traits. Some studies are regularly required and other studies are more specifically tailored based on the new modification and quality of the trait. Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) principles specify how the study for your GM trait should be conducted. Accuracy in planning, performance, product stewardship measures and documentation is vital at all times. 

Our GM biosafety field trials offer you accreditated operations, standardized operating procedures, a proven field trial document system, compliance stewardship program, trained and experienced staff, and state-of-the-art equipment to prevent bias in the studies performed.

A wide range of GM biosafety field trial services

Benefit from one single contract offering a range of truly international services, including:

  • Agronomical equivalence
  • Nutritional equivalence
  • Non-target organism testing
  • Production of reference material for animal feeding
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Soil accumulation
  • Soil dissipation

Trusted GM biosafety field trials from a world-leading provider

We offer many years of experience in the planning and coordination of GM biosafety field trials related to agronomical equivalence and nutritional equivalence testing, environmental impact and non-target insect analysis in multiple locations and climates. Our facilities comply with the relevant industry-specific quality management systems for conducting regulatory biosafety studies for local, international and global submissions.

To discuss your biosafety field trial requirements, please contact us today.

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