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Oilseed Fatty Acid Profile

By determining the fatty acid profile of your oil crops, you can then provide healthier food products to consumers. SGS analyzes oilseed crops (e.g. soybeans, sunflowers, safflowers, peanuts, canola and flax) to determine their fatty acid composition.

We can also support your efforts to undertake the appropriate oilseed breeding projects and create the crops you want, based on the results we gain from a few select seeds. Our oilseed testing analysis method is validated to ensure accuracy. Using an organic solvent, we extract the oil from single seeds or composite bulk samples before processing the fatty acids to form fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs).

Fast results

We use gas chromatograph (GC) to analyze these volatile FAMEs. Composites of bulk seed, a single seed or even chips of seed can be tested at a rate of 300 samples per day. Usually it takes just 48 hours before we release the results, which are expressed as a percentage of the total fatty acids.

To maintain our reputation for independence, integrity and innovation, our oil analysis laboratories operate under strict guidelines and are ISO 9001:2008 accredited.

Find out how SGS can help you develop healthier food products and gain increased consumer approval by getting in touch now.

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