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UTZ - Coffee, Cocoa and Tea Sustainability

UTZ certification from SGS – demonstrate your organization’s commitment to responsible agricultural production and the sourcing of coffee, cocoa and tea products.

Now, more than ever, consumers want to know where their food comes from. They want to know that it is being produced in a responsible way that does not harm the environment nor exploit the workforce. UTZ Certified is a worldwide certification program that sets standards for responsible agricultural production and sourcing of coffee, cocoa and tea.

As a UTZ approved certification body we can audit your organization’s supply chain from producers to warehouse providers, traders, exporters, importers, manufacturers/processors and retailers. UTZ certified products demonstrate your:

  • Commitment to sustainable business
  • Social responsibility
  • Good agricultural practice
  • Traceability

One third of sustainably traded coffee is UTZ certified and the demand for tea and cocoa products is growing rapidly. Whatever your role in the supply chain you can apply for UTZ certification and reap the rewards of compliance:

  • Access to new markets
  • Increases in productivity
  • Improvements in quality
  • Better prices

UTZ, which means ‘good’ in Quiché, a Mayan language, provides the assurance of social and environmental quality standards in coffee, cocoa and tea production expected by brands and consumers. UTZ’s chain of custody standard sets the criteria and controls for ensuring the traceability of UTZ Certified products thus establishing the credibility of sustainability claims and the use of the UTZ logo.

Why choose UTZ Certified services from SGS?

As an accredited UTZ certification body we can approve your organization to trade UTZ Certified products by providing audits and certification against the UTZ Code of Conduct and Chain of Custody standards. All organizations which legally own UTZ products, process them and/or make claims must be certified.

Contact SGS to find out how we can help manage your UTZ certification requirements.

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