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During Production Check DUPRO

To help you maintain quality at every stage of the production process, SGS delivers during production checks (DUPROs), in which our expert consultants assess the quality of components, materials and products during manufacturing.

Conducted when between 30% and 50% of your goods have been produced, and performed on-site, our DUPRO inspection service assesses samples against regulations, standards and your contractual agreements, highlighting actual or potential defects so that you can address them immediately rather than deal with costly tests and changes to your products later in the production process.

As the world leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, SGS is uniquely placed to meet your during production inspection needs. As well as conducting one-off on-site product inspections, we can incorporate inspections into a broader quality assurance and quality improvement program. Our quality assurance program ensures that quality standards are maintained throughout the production process, from concept design to shipping of goods, and our quality improvement program provides solutions to any problems that arise.

SGS DUPRO inspections are a vital part of factory production control for all consumer goods and can be incorporated into your own quality assurance or risk assessment procedures. Our consultants are available to explain how your company can benefit from the services that have already helped clients bring thousands of products to market safely and efficiently.

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