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Cash and Carry Certification

Cash and carry certification from SGS – continuously improve the safety of your food and meet the requirements of the IFS Cash & Carry/Wholesale Standard.

Food safety is the most important requirement of consumers and consumer protection associations. To guarantee safety within the wholesale and cash and carry markets, the International Featured Standards (IFS) Cash & Carry/Wholesale Standard was developed. Our cash and carry certification helps you meet IFS Cash & Carry/Wholesale Standard requirements for handling loose and packed products as well as the processing steps for smaller product volumes.

Why choose cash and carry certification from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Improve the efficiency of your company
  • Optimize your procedures and processes
  • Confirm the safety of your food and strengthen the trust of consumers
  • Enhance your image with the public and your customers
  • Access new markets and customer segments

Trusted cash and carry certification from a leading supplier

As a world-leading certification provider, we offer you extensive expertise and experience in the agricultural and food industry that spans many decades. Plus, we offer you in-depth knowledge of wholesale and cash and carry company audits.

To find out more about our cash and carry certification, contact us today.

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