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Field Trials Services

Field trials from SGS – test your new pesticides, seed varieties and fertilizers to the highest standards, in a variety of locations and conditions.

Before taking your new pesticides, seed varieties and fertilizers to market, you have to test them in supervised field trials under relevant geographic and climatic conditions. Therefore, it makes sense to use the contract research services of a specialist organization with a global reach: SGS.

As a well-established and highly competent partner, we provide you with a globally standardized field trials research service. Our comprehensive range of field trials includes:

  • Good Experimental Practice (GEP) field trials
  • Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) field trials
  • Genetically Modified (GM) biosafety field trials
  • Early stage to marketing field trials

Why choose field trial services from SGS?

We can help you:

  • Ensure that your new pesticides, seed varieties and fertilizers are suitable for market
  • Confirm that your pesticides, seeds and fertilizers have been tested to the required levels with supervised field trials under relevant geographic and climatic conditions
  • Compare agrochemical products and further inputs on a large scale with our effective demonstration field trials. We can cultivate a wide choice of crops and varieties – and use a range of spray programs, compounds and mixtures – according to your specific requirements
  • Comply with the required national and international standards

Trusted field trial services from a market leader

As a world leader in field trial services, our field trial center adheres to GLP and GEP requirements, works to specific national and international standards and adopts harmonized application techniques and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

With the latest technology and equipment, we can conduct all types of trials both quickly and accurately to deliver services including:

  • Market/sales support trials
  • Product comparison trials
  • Sequence comparison
  • Timing comparison
  • Variety demonstration
  • Seed rate demonstration
  • Field demonstration centers
  • Variety pest interaction
  • Irrigated, enhanced conditions

To discuss your field trials requirements, contact us today.

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